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RX-79 [G] Gundam Ground Type

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Gundam Ground Type
RX-79 [G] Gundam Ground Type RX-79-G--desert

Overview: A mobile suit spawned from the left-over mobile suit parts developed in the early stages of the V project. The first-ground-based suit developed, this particular iteration of Gundam was developed from the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam. Sharing the majority of it's parts with the RX-79 [G] GM Ground Type and the more widely distributed RX-79 [G] GM Sniper, field repairs were much more feasible with this model than most other Gundam units.

General Characteristics

  • Overall Height: 18.2 meters
  • Standard Weight: 52.8 metric tons
  • Power Plant: Minovosky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor
  • Power Output: 1350 kw
  • Sensor Range: 5900 meters
  • Armor: Luna Titanium Alloy

Movement Characteristics

  • Max Acceleration: 0.71 G
  • Max Speed: 97 km/h
  • 180° Turning Time: 1.6 s
  • Rocket Thrusters: 52000 kg


  • One 60mm Vulcan Gun mounted on the chest
  • One Multi-launcher hidden beneath the Vulcan Gun launches a variety of items, from grenades to flares
  • Two X.B.Sa-G-03 Beam Sabers stored in the lower legs
  • Head-mounted periscope for underwater/trench warfare
  • Single-pilot standard cockpit in the torso

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