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1Federation Mobile Suit Store Empty Federation Mobile Suit Store on Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:55 pm

Hello, soldiers of the Federation, welcome to the mobile weapon commissary! Be sure to speak to your captain or squad leader about purchasing a new mobile suit, so they can make the proper space arrangement. Average delivery time for a mobile suit varies. While the standard models are sent out immediately, special models tend to take time to deliver to be determined by the shipping company or military delivery vessel. Take your time to browse our wares! Afterwards, place your order in the appropriate section so that we can expedite the process.


RGC-80 GM Cannon 25,000 Gilla
Derived from a test type mobile suit and the standard GM, the GM Cannon is a heavy mobile suit with nearly as much adaptability as it's brother. Similar to the Guncannon, this unit has a 240mm cannon mounted on it's shoulder.

RGM-79 GM 10,000 Gilla
The flagship model of the Federation Forces. A relatively simple and adaptable mobile suit, it has lighter armor and mass than the RX-78-2 it was based on, but this well-balanced machine is capable of outperforming more powerful suits with the right conditions- and the right pilot.

RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type 35,000 Gilla
Built in response to the need for a better performing mobile suit the GM Cold Climate Type boasts improved thruster power and maneuverability as well as possessing more advanced armor which give it higher performance in key areas versus the standard GM.

RGM-79L GM Light Armor 20,000 Gilla
Designed as a unit built to attack fast in hit-and-run raids, this unit was a rebuild of the GM with a bare minimum of armor to reduce it's weight and heighten its overall mobility, which many pilots favor it for.

RGM-79 [G] GM Sniper 25,000 Gilla
Designed from the RGM-79 GM Ground Type, this model was created in order to fulfill the roll of long-range artillery units being designed to hold more ammunition and handle larger beam rifles.

RGM-79SP GM Sniper II 40,000 Gilla
The highest performing mass-production mobile suit that the Federation designed, the GM Sniper II, this mobile suit is a great threat to enemy forces when it appears on the battlefield.

RX-75 Guntank Mass-Production Type 35,000 Gilla
A heavy base assault and fire-support unit designed from the original Guntank. This unit lacks the core block system and thus is not only lighter, but can swivel it's torso.

RX-77D Guncannon Mass-Production Type 40,000 Gilla
A less expensive variant of the Guncannon, this model features lighter armor and lacks the core-block system of it's precursor, granting the unit significantly less weight and thus more mobility.


FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam 110,000 Gilla
A prototype Mobile Suit based on the concept of the FA-78-1 Full-Armored Gundam. While the original design had such a sharp reduction in mobility that it would have been useless, the successor model was more capable of bearing it's thick armor and shoulder-mounted cannon.

RGC-80S GM Cannon Space Assault Type 35,000 Gilla
With less heavy armor and more thrust versus it's standard, this experimental variant of the GM Cannon is faster and more agile both planet-side and in space.

RGM-79 GM Command 50,000 Gilla
Developed alongside the GM Sniper II, this high-performing unit was typically only given to the leader of Mobile Suit Squadrons. This unit is more agile and faster than the standard GM while retaining the versatility, lending to it's prized status.

RGM-79 [G] GM Ground Type 35,000 Gilla
Despite being rushed to development, the GM Ground Type was created using the left over parts from V Project Mobile Suits. Originally it was meant to gather combat data alongside the RGM-79GS GM Space Type as a test unit, but proved to be an effective if expensive mobile weapon.

RGM-79GS GM Command Space Type 60,000 Gilla
Created to be more mobile in space than its standard model, this unit has lighter armor and more thrusters to facilitate higher speed not just in space, but on land.

RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom 70,000 Gilla
A high performing suit developed by the federation to feedback from experienced pilots who needed better equipment. While ultimately it proves to expensive to be produced in mass, it sees limited production for more experienced pilots.

RX-77-2 Guncannon 100,000 Gilla
Developed from the Guntank, this is the only V-Project Mobile Suit to see anything more than one unit produced. Useful for mid-ranged support, this mobile suit can be equipped with tons more equipment than any other existing Federation Model.

RX-78XX Pixie Gundam 120,000 Gilla
A high performing close-range mobile suit built as a variant on the RX-78 series. This unit is much lighter and faster than other mobile suits of it's kind by sacrificing it's armor.

RX-79 [G] Gundam Ground Type 90,000 Gilla
A Gundam Model that was spawned from the left-over parts of the Federation's V-Project, this iteration was developed from the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam. Sharing a majority of it's parts with the RGM-79 [G] series, this unit has proven easy to repair in the field.

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