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1Zeonic Mobile Suit Store Empty Zeonic Mobile Suit Store on Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:44 pm

Hail Zeon soldiers! The mobile weapon commissary awaits your hard-earned resources to better equip you in battle. Be sure to address your superior before putting in for a replacement model so they can make room for your new armaments. Delivery time varies, but based on what you buy a military or delivery ship can have it to you from within a day to within a few. Go ahead, take time to look around! Make sure you don't regret your choice.


MS-05B Zaku I 5,000 Gilla
The first mobile suit ever developed, this tide-changing weapon set the precedent for all models that would succeed it. Cheap and easily made but with an overall low performance, the Zaku I isn't a bad option for when you need a quick influx of mobile suits in a hurry.

MS-05B Zaku I Land Warfare Type 5,000 Gilla
A variant of the Zaku I specifically designed to have higher and more reliable performance during terrestrial combat. However, it's performance in space was sacrificed to enable this.

MS-06D Zaku II Desert Type 8,000 Gilla
A variant of the Zaku II specifically designed to have better performance in Earth's Desert regions. This specific increase in performance came without cost to the unit's overall ability to perform elsewhere, though it did lose thrusters to compensate.

MS-06F Zaku II 8,000 Gilla
An effective mainstay of the Zeon forces, Zaku II are cheap to produce and well-preferred by the pilots of Zeon. When operated by a skilled enough individual these mobile suits prove to be a deadly addition to any ship's hanger.

MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type 20,000 Gilla
As the Zeon mobile forces advance so too does their need for a baseline mobile suit that matches other suits in terms of technology. The Zaku II F2 Type is a modification of the standard Zaku II to bring in line with the general performance of the Dom and Gelgoog.

MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type 8,000 Gilla
Designed for operations specific to terrestrial combat the Ground Type Zaku possesses more powerful output so that it can operate better under gravity, as well as being better insulated to the point that it can even participate in brief underwater engagements. However, removal of all but it's two backpack thrusters have left it incapable of operating in space.

MS-07B Gouf 17,000 Gilla
The successor to the Zaku II, the Gouf is a higher performing mobile suit that possesses greater speed and power output as well as an expanded arsenal of built in weapons. This mobile suit proves a great threat wherever it is deployed.

MS-07F Gouf Hunter 17,000 Gilla
Gouf units designed specifically for hit-and-run jungle warfare, this suits are armed without the Gouf's trademark heat rod but posses a more versatile vulcan arm that can fire two types of rounds meant to stun enemy mobile suits.

MS-09B Dom 30,000 Gilla
Designed from data gathered from both Zaku II units and the Gouf units, the Dom is a heavy mobile suit that has vastly improved performance over both. With jets in its legs that allow it to hover over terrain, this unit moves deceptively fast and proves incredibly deadly against unprepared foes.

MS-09G Dwadge 40,000 Gilla
The final stage of the Dom's development, the MS-09 Dwadge is a highly-tuned variant of the already high-performing mobile suit. Considered to be the pinnacle of the Dom line, this powerful and versatile mobile suit is a grave threat on the battlefield.

MS-09R Rick Dom 30,000 Gilla
The performance of the Dom far exceeded expectations, and so it was adapted to replace the Zeon mobile suit forces in space. With its's leg jets adapted to thrusters this mobile suit proved incredibly fast and deadly in space, just as it's precursor did on earth.

MS-09R-2 Rick Dom II 40,000 Gilla
A more powerful upgrade of the Rick Dom, the Rick Dom II has increased thruster acceleration as well as better armor and more vernier thrusters for better control while in the air. This unit also has larger fuel tanks to increase operating time and mitigate the increased fuel consumption.

MS-11 Action Zaku 40,000 Gilla
A high-performance rebuild of the Zaku II capable of using beam weaponry. This is the third mobile suit after the Dom and Rick Dom capable of doing so. The first mass production unit to come standard with Magnetic Coating, this unit proves quick and agile on the battlefield and makes for a deadly presence.

MS-14A Gelgoog 50,000 Gilla
A mobile suit that is capable of outperforming the basic V project mobile suits the federation produces. With great power and speed, this unit is deadly when deployed. This is the fourth Zaku mobile suit capable of carrying beam weaponry into battle.

MS-14B Gelgoog High Mobility Type 55,000 Gilla
Gelgoogs with expanded thruster packs for extreme mobility. Coming standard with Beam Naginata, these mobile suits are agile and fast, able to control the battlefield through speed.

MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon 53,000 Gilla
A powerful mobile suit that mounts a powerful beam cannon on it's shoulder. Despite the added weight, the thrust from this line's backpack is great enough that balance is not an issue in the slightest.

MS-14c-1A Gelgoog Cannon 60,000 Gilla
Essentially a Gelgoog High-Mobility type equipped with beam swords and a more powerful thruster pack, this unit somewhat deceptively doesn't come standard with a shoulder-cannon like the original Gelgoog Cannon.

MS-14F Gelgoog Marine Type 55,000 Gilla
Developed for Zeon's Marine Corp, the Gelgoog Marine Type features increased performance versus the standard, as well as an armor upgrade and additional vernier thrusters, plus propellant tanks.

EMS-05 Agg 8,000 Gilla
A highly specialized mobile suit, the Agg was designed to drill through earth and create hidden paths for other, larger mobile suits to travel through and engage in sneak attacks. It was armed lightly enough to be considered utilitarian, but notably has two large drills in place of it's forearms.

MSM-03 Gogg 10,000 Gilla
The first Amphibious Zeon Mobile Suit and the first Zeon Mobile Suit to use Beam Weaponry, this mobile suit lacks a heat sink and uses the water it surrounds itself with to act as natural coolant. It also uses water stored in tanks to keep itself cool naturally, but when that water runs out quickly overheats.

MSM-04 Acguy 15,000 Gilla
Designed using parts from the Zaku II, these  amphibious mobile suits have twin reactors that give them high energy, yet it's design only expels a minimal amount of heat when in operation. This makes it ideal for stealth operations. With a variety of standard weapon options, it has quickly become a mainstay of the Zeon Marine Forces.

MSM-07 Z'Gok 30,000 Gilla
Designed based on what was learned from both the Gogg and the Acguy, the Z'Gok proves to be fast and agile both out of water and in water. The bulky water tanks used by both the Gogg and Acguy to ccool themselves were also removed, being replaced with air-cooling fan system for out-of-water operations. Most notably, the weapons are laid out more conveniently for the pilots.


EMS-10 Zudah 15,000 Gilla
A mobile suit of decent power and speed, once presented against the Zaku I to become the mainstay of Zeon forces. Despite having an experimental engine and great combat potential, the machine had a chance to fall apart when the experimental Mercury Engine was overexerted.

EMS-10F Zudah F 40,000 Gilla
Developed from both the original Zudah and upgraded with Gyan parts, this Zudah upgrade delivers on the mobile suit's full performance capabilities with an improved Saturn Engine and better structural stability.

MS-05 Zaku First Refined Type 185th Airborne Paratrooper Use 30,000 Gilla
An upgraded Zaku I that was refitted with some Zaku II parts and custom units as well in order to become an anti-fortress weapon. It comes standard with an I-field Barrier Generator and an Atomic Bazooka, but offers no significant increase in performance over the standard Zaku I.

MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type 30,000 Gilla
A need for a sniper-type Zaku I resulted in this retrofitted unit. With enhanced sensors and a new reactor, this weapon can use a Beam Rifle. It also has a fold-out strut in the right knee for added stability when firing.

MS-06FS Zaku II 15,000 Gilla
An advanced variant of the Zaku II developed for use by commanders and ace pilots. With greater speed and power, this special refit demonstrates increased performance.

MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom 40,000 Gilla
A redesign of the Gouf introduced shortly after the Dom. While the Gouf is a primarily short-ranged Mobile Weapon, this new variant is a lot more versatile. The arsenal has been improved or changed, giving this mobile suit a variety of ways to approach combat and making it a deadly combatant.

MS-07C-3 Gouf Heavy Arms Type 20,000 Gilla
A mission-specific variant of the Gouf designed to be an assault mobile suit. This unit focuses more on range than melee, removing the versatility but still allowing it to be a lethal force when deployed.

MS-09F Dom Funf 60,000 Gilla
The only known mobile suit that could be readied for combat in every environment with requiring a nearly total rebuild, the Dom Funf is a high-performance mobile suit that has great potential in the hands of the proper pilot.

MS-09K-1 Dom Cannon 33,000 Gilla
An attempt to replicate the effectiveness of the GM Cannon, this Dom variant has no significant performance increase over the original but features a large, shoulder-mounted cannon.

MS-09K-2 Dom Cannon 35,000 Gilla
Featuring a double-barreled cannon instead of a single-barreled cannon, the Dom has no significant performance increase over the original but demonstrates exceptional lethality at range.

MS-14D Desert Gelgoog 53,000 Gilla
Designed for Warfare is Desert or Tropical environments, the Desert Gelgoog's hardware is upgraded from the original Gelgoog's to be suited to the task. Featuring a coolant system and particle filtration system as well as extra thrusters in the legs, this unit is more mobile on land than the previous Gelgoog Model.

MS-14Fs Gelgoog Marine Commander Type 65,000 Gilla
An upgrade of the Gelgoog Marine Type meant only for the commanders of Mobile Suit Squadrons from the Zeon Marine Corp that demonstrates major increases to performance.

MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger 70,000 Gilla
A variant of the Gelgoog that has better performance and a larger generator to enable it to carry heavier beam weaponry. It is definitely much faster and more agile than the standard Gelgoog, lending to it's great maneuverability.

MS-18E Kämpfer 80,000 Gilla
A mobile suit with light armor and tons of thrusters, the Kämpfer was meant to hit hard and retreat fast, dealing high damage to selecct targets. it was not meant to work outside of it's hit and run role, but proves to be extremely fast nonetheless.

MSM-04N Agguguy 40,000 Gilla
Designed as a heavily armed close range aquatic unit, the Agguguy is very fast and agile for what appears to be a large and bulky suit. With an array of standard arm attachments to reconfigure it's close-range options, the Agguguy is a major threat in the water and an even greater one on land.

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