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The people behind the controls of a mobile suit, these men and women are those that have the natural or learned ability to move and control a mobile suit with any degree of ability, thus using the mobile suit as an exoskeleton. These people are most commonly on the front lines.

Ability: Able to pilot mobile suits.

Stat Boost: +10 Dexterity, +10 Strength

A mobile suit is easily considered a exoskeleton, another body for the pilot to reside in. In that sense, a Mechanic is easily considered the medic for a mobile suit, repairing the damage done to it and making any necessary adjustments to the suit itself. These people are invaluable to have among you, as they prevent your mobile suit from falling apart.

Ability: Can create mobile suits, alongside an engineer, and repair them.

Stat Boost: +20 Intelligence

Where a mechanic is the quintessential medic of the mobile suit, the engineer can easily be considered the assassin of mobile suits. Their inherent knowledge of the structure of a mobile suit allows them to not only create, but also target their weak spots better to destroy them. This, along with their knowledge to the designs and weaknesses of materials, allow engineers to be very dangerous combatants, if they have the skill to get behind the controls of a mobile suit. They gain +10 in all stats versus any mobile suit they've studied.

Ability: Able to design and create Mobile suits, with the aid of a mechanic

Stat Bonus: +20 Intelligence

Born and bred for battle, Soldiers are adept at fighting human opponents more than they are mobile suits. The only profession that is fit to effectively wield weapons outside of a mobile suit, Soldiers know best how take an enemies down and when fighting the opposing foes takes -10 to all stats.

Ability: Able to use weapons outside of mobile suits with great effect, focusing on single targets.

Stat bonus: +20 Strength

An inspiration to their allies and an influence to their governments, Diplomats primarily do their fighting from outside the mobile suit. From communicating with the main seat of command to flagging down an enemy ship for safe passage. When present among their allies in combat, they each gain +10 to all their stats.

Ability: Able to negotiate peace with enemy ships, and expedite shipment of mobile suits by up to a day.

Sta bonus: +10 Intelligence +10 Endurance

Helmsman WIP:

Navigator WIP:

Gunner WIP:

A medic is a savior on the battlefield. They can cure most illnesses or status affects. They are known to heal wounds just enough to allow their patients to live, long enough for true medical care. In that sense, truly they are irreplaceable. Their knowledge of the human body allows them to be a truly deadly opposition, should they choose to fight. They are also notable for their ability to ease the fatigue of piloting a mobile suit. The ability to heal their teammates and be a dangerous fighter themselves can make for a truly formidable person.

Ability: Able to ease the fatigue that comes with piloting a mobile suit, thus resetting the stat debuff.

Passive Stat Boost: +10 Intelligence, +10 Strength

Doctor WIP:

Military work just doesn't pay as well as it should, so a lot of ships enjoy having Salvagers on board. After certain battles where the ship has claimed victory,the Salvager may sortie and retrieve mobile suit or ship parts to repair their suits, patch their ships, or sell for Gilla. In some cases, Salvagers bring in rare mobile suits to be repaired and used by the crew, allowing access to otherwise unattainable models.

Ability: Able to retrieve damaged parts and scraps from battle to sell for cash or to create new mobile suits.

Passive Stat Boost: +10 Endurance, +10 Speed

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