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1The Expository pReAMBLE Empty The Expository pReAMBLE on Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:37 am

I'm basically doing something potentially very stupid and damaging here. But beyond that threshold of possible mockery, that chasm of my deficits and failures is the success I crave. I am at peace enough with the areas I lack to know that I can handle criticism and would even favor ways to compensate for and overcome my shortcomings, and so I have come to bear myself on this website, once one which I had intended to use to gather fans of Gundam for writing purposes.

My drive to create has led me to twist this place into a new purpose.  I wish to write this book, as poor as my writing skills are, with the help of passerby on the internet. Not for plotting necessarily. Not for the story. This particular book is somewhat improvised but it has a purpose: I wish to speak personally about myself and find the things remaining in myself that I have not been able to speak freely about and root those things out so that they may be exposed and discussed. I want to better myself, but I am in a vacuum and I learn better with people than on my own.

So to that end, here I am. And perhaps, to that same end, here you are. Years of thought and planning culminate here, where a story I drafted in high school has expanded and elongated far beyond what it originally was, changing with each personal step I've taking and as I have built on it endlessly its weight has become unbearable in my head.

Let this be the first step in a new personal journey, and as worried as I am, let me embrace all the criticism that comes my way and grow as a result. Even if I can not apply all or any of the critique I receive, I will know that I am not writing alone anymore.

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