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Mirage Hearts

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1Mirage Hearts Empty Mirage Hearts on Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:00 pm

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Mirage Hearts is a new idea that has recently been made by a large community of helpful individuals; both staff and members. A Kingdom Hearts roleplay site, it offers a wide variety of customization and a voice to every individual of all statuses. Set in an alternate universe after the Keyblade War you play as a character of your own creation and are free to explore as well as enjoy roleplaying with your fellow members. Plots all have their own unique touch and are created not just by NPCs or figureheads but by fellow roleplayers; allowing for a wide variety of experiences and plots to partake in. Aside from that it also makes another wise decision in following lore but not letting it chain down the members; its status as an alternate timeline and parallel universe giving a wider variety of options while also standing by its roots as a place for fans of Kingdom Hearts to enjoy storytelling in a whole new way.

I've been on Mirage Hearts for a bit and so far I've been impressed with what I've seen. It has a lot of promise and even with the few members currently on it manages to be more active than even much larger forums. I honestly feel as though it has incredible potential as a medium of writing and I think it'd be an amazing experience or even a great fresh start for people both used to and new to roleplaying as a whole. We are also looking for new staff members, and are actively willing to take members under the wings of current staff members for training.

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